Project Genius Light Review

I am NO technical genius.


I can remember trying to build my own battery
in my high school Physical Science class
in an effort to receive extra credit
for the class.

Let's just say I was glad the teacher gave us
partial extra credit for ATTEMPTING the project...

SO when I was contacted by the...

...EEME company 
to do a review of their 
I ain't gonna lie-
I was a tad intimidated.

...after the box arrived that contained out kit,
I breathed a sigh of relief!

It was a small box,
containing just a few parts,
and a link to sign up for

(Oh yeah!)

So one Summer afternoon
I sat the kiddos
(and a friend)
down at our iPad... watch the
thoroughly explained
tutorial videos.

It took us a couple of days to complete this project,
but I was dealing with a group 
with the age average of 10.

If your kiddos is 13 or over,
ALL of the tutorial videos could reasonably 
be completed in an hour.
The kiddos really did get into the project
because the videos are very easy to follow...
...and the kit components are nice to work with.
Did we make mistakes along the way?

Oh yes!

But that was TOTALLY fine
because all of the tutorials
are on line,
meaning we could go back
and rewatch the video to see
what we missed. 
After a video is completed,
questions are often asked
to see what (and if) the kiddos 
were paying attention to the scientific concepts
presented during the tutorial.

In the end...
...the kiddos were very proud of themselves
for building something electrical-
and they had a pretty neat light 
to share with their friends!
the Genius Light appears
to be "off,"
but with one simple touch... turns immediately on!



You can learn more about
subscribing to EEME's monthly kit program
by clicking HERE

If you are interested in seeing sample tutorial videos,
just click HERE and sign up.



I was given this product free
in exchange for my open and honest review.

I was not compensated in any other way.

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