Homemade Moon Sand Maddess

Yesterday afternoon,
I quickly pulled together a batch of
homemade Moon Sand,
all under the watchful eye of several kiddos.

As soon as I put it down on the driveway...
...the kiddos began playing with it
like a duck takes to water!
Moon Sand can be purchased at your local 
mega stores,
but I think the homemade kind is just as fun-
and definitely cheaper.

There are several kinds of recipes 
for Moon Sand floating around Pinterest,
but the one I chose to use was 
which is important when dealing with several 
wee ones.

8 cups of flour
1 cup of vegetable oil

I doubled recipe,
and very easily mixed it up in a
big plastic container
with my hands.
Now this can be a bit messy to play with,
so I recommend using it outside...

It works a lot like sand,
without the grainy feel.

Even Pretty Princess Pants
wanted to get in on the fun,
and since this recipe is edible,
I felt like I could let her...

Good clean messy fun
which lasted quite a while-

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