Cupcakes in the Park: Chocolate Ice Cream Cone Cakes

During the first week of August,
our local park hosts an event in conjunction
with the weekly Farmer's Market called
Cupcakes in the Park.

Children and teens are encouraged to enter
either one of two categories:

Market Themed Cupcakes
Market Ingredients Cupcakes

The girls entered as a team this year
in the Market Themed category...

...and made
Chocolate Ice Cream Cone Cakes.
(Last year Jungle girl entered by herself, making 
which you can read more about HERE...)
Since the judges do not taste these cupcakes,
we decided the girls would not make the cupcakes
from scratch to save time.
Using a store bought cake mix,
the girls baked up some mini cupcakes.

They then filled the ice cream cones with
M&M's candies
(to give the cone weight).

after using two mini cupcakes,
LOTS of store bought icing,
and one red M&M,
the girls fashioned up four...
...Chocolate Ice Cream Cone Cakes.

(They would have entered six
to fill up the ice cream cone holder,
but the rules stated they were only allowed
to enter 2 to four cupcakes.)
I found the ice cream cone holder 
on clearance at Target,
and after adding the sign, 
I thought the girls had a pretty darn cute entry...
...and I guess the judges did also,
because the girls placed 2nd in the competition!
They received a bag of goodies for all their hard work...
...and a ribbon, of course!


Besides enjoying looking at all of the other
creative entries,
the Cupcakes in the Park festival
had other fun activities
for the kiddos to enjoy.

There were milk shots to sample
mini cupcakes to decorate and eat,
but the kiddos probably had the most fun at...
...the farming booth.

A young woman was there,
talking to the kiddos about gardening and composting,
and she had a big bin of worms
for everyone to observe...

(They were pretending to be Iron Man,
wearing their stickers like
Tony Stark's heart...)


After enjoying the festival...
...we all went over to the fountains
at the park,
and enjoyed getting wet.


It was a good, good day,
and a fun little field trip,
but no matter what place the girls
ended up in at the contest,
the BEST part of the experience...
...was enjoying their hard work!
(Oh dear...)  ;0)

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