Monsters University Week: Slime and Flashlight Play

Today was a good day for...

What other substance is better fitting 
for a Monsters University themed week?

after I read...
Jos. A. Smith
to the kiddos,
I gave them each a little bit of...
...slime to play with.

(I gotta thank 
for the recipe for the slime...)


Later in the day,
I read the kiddos another couple of books...
...Oliver and the Monsters
Tony Blundell
...There's a Nightmare in my Closet
Mercer Mayer.

Since both of these books
discuss how a kiddo
confronted his fear of monsters,
I decided to let the kiddos decorate
 a flashlight-
a flashlight that will keep them 
safe from all those monsters that hide 
in the shadows...

(You can see how we decorated them
by looking at my
Father's Day Flashlights post.)

(He is SUCH a goof ball!)


tomorrow afternoon is
we will see
Monsters University!

I have a couple more posts
coming up about more
Monster themed fun, 
but if you want to see all of the other activities we 
have been doing this week until then,
just click HERE...


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  1. The movie better be good, after all this great build up. Are you going to supply us all with great ideas for Despicable Me 2, too?