Father's Day Flashlights

This Father's Day,
my K-1 Sunday School kiddos
put together little gifts
that let their Daddies how thankful they are
to have them...
...shining a light for them,
guiding them on this path called life.
 I grabbed a few flashlights
from the Dollar Tree,
and the kiddos simply used 
Washi tape to decorate them...

After signing and attaching this simple poem
to the flashlights...
...the kiddos were ready to gladly
give their Daddies their gifts!

Happy Father's Day to all
the Daddies out their who bravely
lead there families through
this crazy, often confusing world!

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  1. I was able to come here!

    Love this idea, got us started on our idea for the graduating 4th graders :)