Monsters University Week: Play-Doh Monster Masterpieces (and Other Crafty Fun!)

Today for our
Monsters University themed activity,
we broke out the Play-Doh to make...

(Thank you, again, I Can Teach My Child,
for the inspiration!)
Along with the Play-Doh,
I provided googly eyes, colorful craft sticks,
and pipe cleaners
and let the kiddos go crazy making all kinds of monsters...

(Obviously come of my kiddos 
are a bit crazier than others...) ;0)

 (And some of the kiddos wanted to 
EAT the Play-Doh more than others!)

(Hey look- it's Mike Wazowski!)

This is quite the collection
of Monster silliness!

Later in the morning
I brought out some $1 crafts kits
I purchased at JoAnnes Fabrics,
in anticipation for our
Monsters University Week...
The littles each received
this mini Monsters activity roll with crayons.

(I think they enjoyed unrolling the paper
more than actually coloring on it...)

My older kiddos each received...
...a Monsters 3-D Drawing Pad.
After everyone tried on the glasses,
the drawing began...

And it proved to be a bit frustrating in the beginning.

They could not really see their drawn images
pop up at them.
So Little Wild Man did a bit of experimenting...
 ...and discovered that yellow and green crayons
popped up better on the paper
than the other colors.
(Way to go, little dude!)


These were all the craftivities
I had on docket for the day.

But the crafty fun was not over!

Later in the evening,
my kiddos headed over to another family's home
in the neighborhood to play.

This family has five kiddos
and also homeschools.

They joined us a couple of days this week
in all of our
Monsters University fun,
and are going to the movie with us on Saturday.

their crafty sewing Mama
helped the kiddos create their own
Monster Stuffie,
from the design to the sewing!
Here are the finished products...

"Eye" could not be prouder of my kiddos,
and more grateful to have such a wonderful family
in our lives!


Monsters University week is almost over
(how sad!),
but I will be back tomorrow with 
some messy fun...


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  1. My boys are working on making their own monster dolls. They really like it.