Monsters University Week and Nailed It: Monster Manicures

This past Saturday,
our family finally went and saw...


My husband said it made him 
want to go back to college again-
and I agree.

After completing a week full of 
Monsters university activities
in anticipation of seeing the movie,
it did not leave us disappointed.

(You can see all the monstrous fun we had 
by clicking HERE...) 

Before going to the movie,
I gave Baby Girl 
a new Mani/Pedi...
...inspired by the big guy himself,
James P. Sullivan,
aka Sulley.

All of her nails were painted a lovely bright shade of blue
to match Sulley's fur.
On both of her ring fingers,
I added purple polka dots,
and sprinkled them with purple glittery flocking
to mimic the pattern on Sulley's fur.
(She is too cute to be scary,
don't ya think?)


After seeing the movie,
I was inspired to give myself and mani/pedi...
...based on the color scheme of the movie.

With a base coat of Mike Wazowski-type green,
a layer of goldy-yellow reminiscent of 
and a stripe of purple as a nod to Sulley,
I think my nails screamed Monsters University...


If you decide to give yourself a
monstrous manicure,
a book I highly recommend reading 
while you are waiting for your nails to dry is...
illustrated by
Harley Jessup.
This beautifully illustrated lift-the-flap book
kept ALL of my kiddos attention...
...including my 11 year old!


I must warn you...
...wearing monster manicures
can leave you in the mood... get your scare on-
but beware!

You might just...
...get scared yourself!  ;0)


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  1. The nails look great. How was the movie?

  2. I have nominated you for a blog award. :)