Tweet! Tweet! Tweet! (Birdie Preschool Activities)

Over the past couple of weeks,
my 3 year old kiddos
have been working through 
some bird themed tot tray activities.

Here they are,
as long as some other activities
we did...


"N is for Nest"
Alphabet Page


Fine Motor Skills Practice
Pretending the clothes pin are bird beaks,
and the pipe cleaners are worms,
the kiddos transferred the worms
from one bowl to another.


Bird Art Drawer
Both of these simple crafts were found... JoAnn Fabrics Dollar Spot.


Angry Birds Writing Practice
Using a Angry Birds coloring book from the
JoAnn's Dollar Spot,
I pulled out a few pages and put the kiddos names
on them.

I then placed them in some page protectors
for the kiddos to trace.
I also pulled out a few of the other
activity pages for them to write on.


Coloring Fun

(Books found at JoAnn's Dollar Spot)

Stickers are always a great fine motor skills
practice for my kiddos.

To make getting them off the page more easily,
I took off the outer sticker part.

This helped out A LOT,
and I will use this trick in the future,
for sure!


Pattern Making with Parrots
These parrots and bird house were given to me
by my mother 
in some craft grab bags she had gotten
at the Thrift Store.


Angry Birds Puzzle
The Dollar Tree


Lacing Chickens 


Birdie Treat Bags

(See more about this activity
by clicking HERE.)


Other activities we enjoyed included:
A Bird Snack...

(Read more HERE...)
Playing with the
Birdie Explorer Box...

Observing two different sets of birds
grow up from eggs!

(I will post more about that experience later...)

What a tweet-a-rific time we had
learning about birds!


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Preschool Ideas 
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