Eating Like a Bird

A couple of weeks ago,
the my pre-K kiddos completed a unit on 

One of the books I read during this unit was...
John Berendt.

This book follows a nest full of baby Blue Jays
on the balcony of an apartment in New York City.

The story and pictures are real,
and it related so well to our study
since we, too, were observing
a nest of Robins and a nest of Nuthatches 
around our house.

After I read the book to all of my kiddos,
I offered them...
...a snack made for the birds.
There were shelled Sunflower seeds to eat,
and we know from watching our bird feeder 
how much our bird 
(and squirrel)
friends enjoy Sunflower seeds.
I also gave the kiddos each a container of
fruit flavored drink.

Each drink had a straw...
...with a flower sticker on it.

The straws demonstrated how humming birds
drink the nectar from flowers. 

(I saw this idea in one of the kiddos'
Ranger Rick magazines a few years ago...)


The kiddos seemed to enjoy drinking
and eating like the birds...

...though one of my kiddos
preferred to turn the "bird food"
into "see food"...

Oh brother... ;0)

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