Treats for the Birds

One of the tot trays
the kiddos completed during our
Bird Unit
involved working on their
fine motor skills... cutting yarn strips for
bird giftie bags.
The kiddos cut several pieces of yarn
and string and then placed them into baggies
made out of an old onion bag.

(Don't you love it when they stick their tongues out 
when they cut?)  ;0)

Pretty Princess Pants 
was lurking around the edge of the table...
...trying to eat little pieces of the yarn.

Silly girl...


After the bags were put together...
...I hung the bags around our bird feeder,
giving them easy access 
to some free nest building materials.

During the hanging process...
...I had quite the audience...

We hope out birdie friends
enjoy their gifites
as much as we enjoyed making them!

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