May 9th-15th

Highlights from this week include:

*The girls had their 
Evening of Dance performances-
a grand total of five.

Their dance this year was a modern piece
about a magical garden,
in which Baby Girl was a flower
and Jungle Girl was a ladybug.

They did beautifully-
I am SO THANKFUL they participate in dance at

Their philosophy about dance coincides perfectly with mine,
and I have seen the girls grow
so much over the years,
both physically and emotionally.

*Baby Girl received her leotard
for dancing at The Studio 
for 4 years.

(Next year I think Jungle Girl receives her
Silver Dancer...)

*Went to the salon to get my highlights freshened

*Enjoyed a lovely Mother's Day

I helped my Sunday School kiddos
put together
a little giftie for their mothers.

(You can read about it by clicking HERE...)

we spent the afternoon with my parents,
eating a nice meal
and enjoying each other's company.

Gifites for me included
a Wonder Woman phone case
(from my kiddos)
a personalized Owl shirt
(made by my mother).

*Little Wild Man enjoyed a 
mini joy ride on the neighbor's
mini motorcycle.

*The little Robins in our neighbor's nest
started to fly the coop!


To read a play by play of the 
above photo collage,
just click HERE...


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