May 16th-22nd

Highlights from this week include:

*Nana and Papa came down for business and a visit
over the weekend.

Nana was here to give an oils talk to the ladies
at the Johnson University Women's Retreat,
and Papa was her right hand man.

(He also took the kiddos out to the
Zuma Fun Center 
for some mini golf and video game time-
definitely a highlight for their week!)

*Hosted a workshop during the Women's Retreat

The work shop was entitled
"ABC's and 123's: Come and Learn at Home with Me."

I discussed homeschooling,
but did it in a way that anyone could take the material
and use it at home with the kiddos in their lives,
whether they homeschool or not.

I taught my attendees how to plan a
"Day of Learning Fun."

I shared a TON of my favorite blogs and websites
that I use for planning a day like this,
of course!  ;0)

*Enjoyed a WONDERFUL steak dinner
at the
which left me STUFFED.

*The kiddos performed in a
"His Kids" musical
at church on Sunday evening

All three of them had solos,
which is a big deal,
considering at this time last year 
they would not have even stepped 
in front of a microphone!

They all did a good job,
and I am proud of them for
stepping up to the plate
(or microphone, as it were...).

*Jungle Girl got a 
but she thinks it is too short.

Oh well-
it WILL grow back... 

*Enjoyed many mini concerts by 
all my kiddos on our 
"new to us"
keyboard/microphone combo

*Began a Super Hero unit
with my preschoolers,
which included eating a special
brought to us by 
Captain America...


To read a photo play by play
of the above collage,
just click HERE...


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