Mother's Day "Breakfast in Bed"

Last year,
the kiddos in my K-1 Sunday School class
gave their mothers some
on Mother's Day.

I wanted the kiddos to have more
involvement in the making of
this year's present.

So, while scanning Pinterest for new ideas,
I came across 
"Mother's Day Gift Ideas:
If You Give a Mom a Muffin"

In it was the idea for...
...Breakfast in Bed in a Bag!

I LOVED this idea,
so I ordered the pack.
We filled the bags with napkins,
breakfast bars, and tea bags,
attached the poem,
and decorated the bag
to look like their mothers in bed.

I love how individualized 
the mothers are...

I even think Little Wild Man's portrait of me
was pretty accurate,
don't ya think?  :0)

Happy Mother's Day!!!

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