Elf Adventures, December 17th-24th

This was the last week in which
our elf Chess was with us-
let's see what he's been up to,
shall we?



We found Chess being a 
in the Laundry Room...
L.D.=Laundry Day

I have to give it to the elf...
...I was in desperate need of getting
some laundry done.


 Chess left the kiddos a sweet surprise
in the kitchen,
so later that day...
 ...we planted the "seeds,"
and in the morning...
...candy canes of all sorts
were available for the kiddos!


 Chess was happily sitting on our
Polar Express Train.
He was READY for an adventure-
he knew he was headed up to Kentucky
with Grandalf, Jungle Girl, and Little Wild Man!


Thursday and Friday

Chess went with my father
and two of the kiddos
on the
"present run" 
to Ashland, KY
to visit extended family.
 Grandalf made certain Chess had a
nice vantage point in the van ride up.

On the way up...
 ...Chess got to see my birthplace... Morehead, KY.

He also hung out...
 ...with G.G... her office.

And before they left to come home...
 ...Chess got to experience...
...a little fun in the snow!


 We found Chess in my room... us a "warning"...



Chess was SO EXCITED
to come to church with us on...
...since he knew I was having a little 
"party" with my K-1 class,
and he would have a chance to hang out
with his BFF,
JJ, the Nussbaum's elf.

Little did he know that his old nemesis,
Mr. Brian,
was awaiting his return.

Mr. Brian was still a little bitter 
and played with all his equipment
while he was napping.

He caught wind that the elves were coming to church... he set a trap for them.
It worked-
for a little bit.

the elves used a little North Pole magic
to escape-
better luck next year,
Mr. Brian!



Chess' last day with us was a doozy...
He replaced all of our stocking
with new pairs of socks for the kiddos.

When Little Wild Man saw this, he became sad.

He thought Chess left new, smaller stockings for Santa to fill!

After I read the letter Chess left,
he felt a lot better... ;0)


Dear Grace, Faith, and Garrett,

          Well, I can't believe it, but it is already Christmas Eve!  Sadly, this is the last day I will get to spend watching over you.  Tonight I must return to the North Pole since Santa will be on his way...

          I have greatly enjoyed observing all the wonderful activities you have participated in during the month of December.  All three of you sang beautifully in the His Kids choir yesterday- I am so glad JJ and I escaped Mr. Brian's elf trap in time to hear you sing!

          I have left a little present for you to wear this evening as you have "visions of sugar plums" dancing in your heads.  I hope you like the socks- I especially find the Angry Birds socks extra fun!

          Before I leave, I want to challenge you to find ways this next year to demonstrate the spirit of Christmas.  What IS the true spirit of Christmas?  Why, God's love, of course!

          God sent his one and only son as a way for you to have eternal life, which is WHY you celebrate Christmas every year, right?  (I think your memory verse for the month of December, John 3:16, has something to say about that...) Well, I have left some ideas with your Mom on how you can demonstrate that love to others around you.  I can't WAIT to hear about what other ideas you come up with, too!

          I love you all and I eagerly await spending next December in the Hockman Household!  See ya in 2013!!!


Thank you,
for leaving us an 
EXCELLENT challenge for 2013-
I hope we have lots to share with you
next December!

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