Elf Adventures, December 1st-8th

When our 
Elf on the Shelf,
Chester Thomas
(aka "Chess")
arrived at our house on 
December 1st,
he brought a lovely gift...
...a "Build Your Own Snowman" 
He also brought a letter to the kiddos,
which said:

Dear Grace, Faith, and Garrett,

          I'm B-A-C-K!  I am so excited to be visiting with you all from the North Pole!  Please enjoy this "Build a Snowman" Breakfast celebration I brought to kick-off the Christmas season.
          Now, please remember, I will be watching you all throughout the day and reporting back to Santa about your behavior- it's my job.  Please make me proud so that I can always give Santa good reports, OK?  :0)

          I am also excited to learn more about the REAL reason you celebrate Christmas- Jesus' birthday!  I have filled your Advent Calendar with activities to keep your hearts focused on the Savior- and have a little fun during this crazy time of year.

          Today, why don't you listen to your Dad read John 1:9-11, and discuss how Jesus is the LIGHT.  Then decorate your LIT Christmas tree and spend the evening looking at the LIGHTS at Dollywood!

          Have a great day, and remember- I will be watching...

                                                          Merry Christmas,

                                                          Chester-Thomas the Elf
                                                          (aka "Chess")

Chess also brought the kiddos some other goodies,

*A chocolate advent calendar

*Christmas socks

*A new ornament


Sunday morning,
Chess appeared again at the dinner table...
...holding a lighter,
ready to start lighting up 
our Advent Wreath.

(I am telling ya,
I am not certain how I feel about
elves playing with fire...)


Monday morning the kiddos found Chess...
...taking a joy ride with the Gingerbread cookies
on my "vintage" red reindeer.


Chess sent me a message on 
Tuesday morning...
...on the first shelf of our fridge.
Guess where I spent the afternoon...

(Cheeky elf...)


Since the kiddos and I spent a lot of our Tuesday
we discovered that our elf
took a little field trip
while we were gone.
He presented us with the details 
on Wednesday morning
in this letter:

Hey Kiddos!

      Since y'all were out ALL DAY yesterday grocery shopping, I had the chance to go and hang out with my favorite elf friend,  J. J. (the Nussbaum's elf).

      After swapping stories about all the FUN we have been having with our families, we decided to go and visit one of our favorite friends  at the fire station. 

      Have fun looking at the pics we took, and hanging out with some special reindeer that followed me home after my adventure.


P.S.  Be prepared when you see Mr. Brian on Sunday- he now has the poop touch!  Hee!  Hee!

It is so nice to know that our elf
has good elf friends...


Wednesday evening,
our friend Miss Marie
brought us some really pretty crocheted 
Christmas stocking.

Chester thought they were new sleeping quarters
for himself... we found him hanging out in them...
...on Thursday morning.


Remember the little adventure Chess went on
with his friend JJ earlier in the week?

apparently JJ has been giving Chess ideas
about causing havoc in the household.

You see,
JJ left... 
...this toothpaste message for his kiddos
a few days ago.

Guess what WE found on OUR mirror
Saturday morning?

You guessed it...
...a nice little toothpaste message
from Chess!

(Of course he did this the day after 
I cleaned the bathroom mirror...
silly elf!)

Can't wait to see what other adventures 
our little mischief maker
will get into next week...

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