July 14th-20th

God threw me a curve ball this week-
in a GOOD way...

Today was Baby Girl's 8th birthday!

After picking her up
from a friend's sleepover birthday party,
I took baby Girl home,
where she found the breakfast table decorated
in honor of her birthday.

There were smiley face balloons
and a smiley face banner,
and paint-your-own bobble head dolls
for all the kiddos.

Later in the evening,
we headed over to the church to help out
at a movie night for the families at 

I was SO HAPPY to watch my kiddos 
helping out with the other kiddos-
it was a great opportunity to let them serve
along side me.



lounging around the house...

...and talking to Super Dad about
our tough financial situation.

 I will not be watching all the extra kiddos I thought
I would be this year,
and we are a bit anxious.

we began praying that God would
open up an opportunity for me to make some 
extra cash while still being able to homeschool...



After completing school,
our little toddler,
Girlie V,
came over to play for her weekly visit.

Then we headed to church for a 
Children's Ministry Team Meeting.

I shared with the ministry team
 our family's need to make a little extra money
while I homeschool,
and they prayed for me at the meeting.

Also during the meeting
I got a call from my very dear friend Bernie.

in her November wedding.)

I already knew she was three months pregnant,
which really is a miracle within itself,
but then she shared with me that she was pregnant

with all of her past health issues,
this is ONLY a blessing form God!

I am SO happy, happy, HAPPY
for her and her husband Tim...



We did school,
(in which Little Wild Man and I played a fun
ABC Race game),
and then Little Wild Man
went over to a friend's house for a sleepover,
and the girls went to another friend's house
for a sleepover.

While Super Dad and I were catching up
on some DVR TV,
I received a phone call.

A phone call that left me
with my head spinning a bit.

It was from the Assistant Administrator

(I put in an application there
LAST SUMMER when my husband
was out of a permanent job,
and I thought I would need to find some work.

They never called me in for an interview,
so I didn't think anything about it,
especially after my husband got a job...)

The Assistant Administrator wanted me
to come in and interview for a 
2nd grade position.

I scheduled an interview...

My head was spinning...



I got up and ready
for my 11:00am interview with
Rivers Edge Christian Academy.

The academy is a hybrid school-
part classroom, part homeschool.

If I am offered the position,
I would teach about 12 kiddos,
3 times a week,
and send home lesson plans for the parents
to teach their kiddos the other two days.

I think the interview went well,
and I am TRULY seeing this as a God sighting...

In the evening,
our sweet friend Marie came over for dinner
and taught Jungle Girl
(and re-taught me!)
how to crochet.

Jungle Girl is gonna open her own
Etsy store one day,
I just know it... ;0)



 Our sweet little Girlie V came over
in the morning for a couple of hours in the morning,
and I let her play in our new
Olympic Explorer Box.

Then the kiddos crafted away
the rest of the day
until 3:30,
when we headed to the Farmer's Market
and learned all about the difference between
Insects and Spiders.

An educator from
Ijams Nature Center
was there to host the little workshop,
and she brought a couple of
creepy crawly friends with her-
a Tarantula and a giant Millipede.

After the workshop,
the kiddos played at the park's Splash Pad
and we grabbed Icees on the way home.

In the evening,
Super Dad and I discussed our options more
when it came to me and the possibility of working at
River's Edge...



This morning,
as I thought about the possibility of change,
I am feeling a peace.

A peace that only comes form the Spirit.

I am hoping now that the job is offered to me,
because it would really help us out financially.

it will change how I will be homeschooling the kiddos
this year.

I will still get to homeschool them
make some needed income for our family.

you just never know what God
has in store for you,

"Trust in the Lord with all your heart
    and lean not on your own understanding;
in all your ways submit to him
 and he will make your paths straight."
Proverbs 3:5-6
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  1. What a great week! I love the birthday breakfast surprise! I hope you get your job. It sounds perfect for you. We are reading the Hobbit, too!

  2. It sounds like a week full of blessings. Would love to know more about your Olympics box and hear how the job possibility turns out!

  3. Wow. That is so awesome. Can't be happier for you guys.
    B Woods

  4. Sounds like you are thinking about an awful lot right now -- and I'm praying that things work out as they should... the job at the school sounds promising and like something you would enjoy and be well suited for! I'll be anxious to hear about that.

    Love reading about your weeks!!

  5. Oh, wow! I hope that job comes through for you! Wouldn't that be an answer to prayers? Sounds like a perfect position for you! All the best!

  6. The job sounds like an interesting possibility. And, twins for your friend - how wonderful! I can't wait to read how God works it all out :)

  7. So much all in one week, I see what you mean. I have to admit when I saw the question mark picture I was thinking you were pregnant again. I guess that's just the common announcement at my church, so I assume it for everyone else.