Olympic Explorer Box

With the Summer Olympics right around the corner,
I wanted to put together an explorer box
for my little ones to play with
during homeschooling hours.


Here is what I put in the box/with it
to represent the Olympics:
*Measuring cups
and other containers for scooping and sorting
(represent the discus throw)
*Ping pong balls
*Different sizes of soccer ball and basketball erasers
*Wooden patriotic stars
*Some foam people shaped "blocks,"
in the colors of the Olympic Rings
(represents the Olympic Rings and the Athletes)
*Some fake coins from the 1996 Summer Olympics


I mixed all the items in with different sizes
of red, white, and blue pom poms
and some floral foam beads.
Girlie V had a good time playing in the box...

...and so did the older kiddos.
I guess you never out grow
some kinds of fun!


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