Gratitude Challenge 2011 Day 11 and Day 16: Getting Pampered and Friendship

Day 11: Getting Pampered

As a...

(Oh yeah, we had color-coded, labeled shirts
for the Wedding Rehearsal-
is that not AWESOME?)

...I feel it is important to look your best for...
...the Bride.

(I mean, I don't want to be the one to break 
the camera's lens during the picture-taking...
I'm just sayin'...)

So the day before the wedding,
most of us "maids" went to the Bride's favorite
nail salon and got...
...and pedis.
(I LOOOOOOVVVE my pretty flowery toes...)


The day of the wedding,
we met up at the church to get our
hair and make-up done.

What I find funny is that I
was not NEARLY this pampered
for my OWN wedding,
so I enjoyed 
of all of this...


(Our Hair Dresser had magic hands, I swear!)


As we were getting ready,
BOTH the Hairdresser and Make-Up Artist
commented that we were the easiest group of women 
to work with...

I believe that's because NONE of us hardly
EVER "treat" ourselves to ANY kind of
"Spa" treatments-


I am so thankful to have had a 
day of pampering...


Day 16

what is BETTER than a day of pampering?

Spending it with a group of friends...
...both old and new.

I am so grateful for all the friendships that I have in my life...


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