ABC Race

Little Wild Man
has been working his way through
(which we both L-O-V-E!)...

(Read my review on the
All About Reading Pre-Reading Program HERE
and All About Reading Level 1 HERE)

(creator of the program)
always adds fun little games and worksheets
into the lessons,
I was inspired to add a little more fun into
my son's...
...Sound Card review.


Each All About Reading lesson begins with
reviewing previously learned concepts.

To "spice up" my active little learner's...
...Sound Card review,
I decided to get him up an moving.

...I dictated the sound aloud to Little Wild Man.

...he tried to pick out the letter that made that sound
out of our ABC door magnets.
He then would take the correct letter...
...and stick it to the correct spot on our

Fun learning for a fun boy!

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  1. I love this idea for practicing alphabet recognition!