TOS Crew Review: God's Great Covenant, NT 1: A Bible Course for Children

We know a bit about...
in this household.

They offer QUALITY products 
for homeschoolers which include the subjects of
Latin, Other Languages, Logic,
Bible, Poetry, and 
Other Educational Resources.

(You can read about the curriculum 
we reviewed last year by clicking HERE...)

I have been THOROUGHLY impressed
by Classical Academic's Curriculum!

 is a Bible Curriculum
for grades 4th grade and up.

Besides New Testament 1,
Classical Academic Press also has the following
Biblical Curriculum for this age group:


In order to truly appreciate
the content of this curriculum,
let me take you on a little 
"photo journey"
through the Student and Teacher books...
Both of the books begin with extensive...

There is a general introduction...
 ...which updates kiddos about the covenants
they learned about in the 
Old Testament studies,
and compares them to the new covenant 
they will be learning about.

After the General Introduction...
 ...comes information about the
History and Politics of Jesus' day.
 A Chronological Timeline of Jesus' life follows...
 ...and a Geographical Introduction...
 ...which includes maps.

Rounding up the Introduction section... the Religious Introduction,
which includes...
 ...informative charts.

Ans finally...
...there is an introduction into 
Simon's World,
a section the kiddos will read
at the end of each chapter,
 which will help them familiarize themselves
with the world Jesus lived in.

This introduction section will take at least
a week for a kiddo to get through,
and maybe longer,
depending upon what you choose to do
with it as a parent.


After the introduction section is over...
 ...the Unit Lesson begin.

Each lesson in a unit contains the following elements:
 1.  Memory Page
 2.  Story Time
 3.  Review Sheets

(And if you want further review for your kiddos...
 ...there are chapter quizzes in the Appendices.)

Each lesson is scheduled to take kiddos
about a week to complete,
but as we all know as homeschooling parents,
those timelines are flexible dependent upon your 
kiddos' abilities.


At the end of each of the four units are...
 ...a Memory Passage Worksheet...
 ...a Devotional Guide...
...and a look into 
"Simon's World."


Oh, and let's not forget to look at the
different appendices!

Appendix A...
 ...includes more biblical messages explained.

Appendix B...
 ...discusses the roles Jesus has as
Prophet, Priest, and King.

Appendix C...
 ...delves into The Lord's Prayer.

And what curriculum text would be complete without...
 ...a Glossary and...


Now, the Student Workbooks are just great,
but my favorite part of this curriculum is...

Of course,
 the manual contains...
...the answers to the worksheets and quizzes.

But ya wanna know the BEST part of the
Teacher's Manual?

The margins are CHOCK-FULL of...
 The notes are clearly numbered...
 ...and explained.

(These are such a great resource 
for those of us who are not
"theologically minded!")


 The student workbook costs $26.95
and the
teacher's manual costs $29.95

To save 15%,
you can purchase both together for
$56. 95.


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I received this product free
in exchange for my open and honest review.
I was not compensated in any other way.

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