TOS Review: Classic Academic Press- Song School Latin

When I learned I was going to be reviewing
curriculum that taught Latin to K-2nd graders,
I admit it-


First of all, I have never taken Latin.

Secondly, I am not great with other languages.

And third,
how in the WORLD can Latin be made FUN for kiddos?

ALL my fears subsided when I received...
... the Song School Latin Bundle from
Classical Academic Press.

(I mean, who could be nervous about teaching Latin
when there is a cute little monkey as your guide?)


This curriculum takes kiddos' through 31 lessons,
using fun ways to review the Latin vocabulary, such as...
...putting them into a familiar story...
...The Three Little Pigs...
...and including some cute illustrations.

The lessons sometimes even let the kiddos'...
...and create cute vocabulary cut outs
(which I think could easily be used as puppets for a fun review!)


To understand how the program works a little better,
I want to take you though one of the lessons...
Chapter 6: People
First, the kiddos are introduced to the
new vocabulary words of the chapter.
Then they hear the words in a simple song,
with a catchy tune.
There is discussion about the use of the words...
...vocabulary writing practice...
...and fun review activities.

If more practice is desired for the chapter...
...the teacher-parent can go to the back of the
Teacher's Edition for more fun review activities...
...head on over to Headventure Land
for a round of Flash Dash or...
...practice the vocabulary
with the bright and colorful
Latin Monkey Match Card Game.


The way Classical Academic Press approaches
languages for kiddos is TOPS in my book!

They use reading, writing, songs,
games, and drawing
for a multi-learning approach.

AND, perhaps, teaching Latin to your kiddos
doesn't interest you,
then why not check out their
Spanish or Greek curriculum?


To purchase the Song School Latin Bundle,
you need to pay $64.95,
which is a fair deal,
considering ALL the good teaching tools
you will be receiving...

Again, to gather more information about
ALL of the quality educational products
Classical Academic Press has to offer,
just click HERE.

Guess all I have left to say now is
vale! :0)


Disclaimer: I received this product free for my
open and honest review.
I was not compensated in any other way.


  1. Wow .. i love how you layed out your review with all the photos... my girls LOVED the program too! I was scared at first but plan to buy another workbook and do the whole program in the fall!

  2. Love your pictures, this has been a fun review! I would never have tried Latin but now we are hooked :0)

  3. Great job using the photos to show how to use this program. I agree, this program is optime!

  4. Loved your picture story! Great review!!

  5. Love your review! It's very creative to add all the photos. Nice work! We liked the program too.