April 14th-20th

This week was sponsored by...
...our 1st visit to Dollywood in 2012!

I mean,
we did a lot of other stuff too,
but it is always an "event"
when we leave 
the 'hood and go to the 'wood
for the first time of the season...)


Last Saturday began with some serious
something in the air was making my 
sinuses go haywire.


I stayed in my jammies all day,
watched several of the movies in the
and fiddled around on my blog.

It was rather nice,
except for the sneezing and nose running...


Sunday was at is usual
speedy pace,
with church, dance rehearsal,
straightening up the house,
and His Kids Practice...

I am ready for May Madness-
Bring on the End of the Year Performances!


Monday and Tuesday
we were schooling as usual,
and TRYING to get closer to the end of
our Space Lapbook.

(Crossing my fingers
that we will finish it next week...)

Jungle Girl also finished reading
and she says she liked it a lot.

I did too when I was her age-
we both wished that Gilly could have stayed with her
foster mother-
what a character...


Wednesday was our
field trip to Dollywood,
and it really turned out to be
pretty educational
because the
was going on.

We saw Ukrainian Clowns
and Irish Dancers,
rode some rides,
(as much as we wanted,
since NO ONE was there
because it was a rather drizzly day),
and just enjoyed being together
as a family.

After we left Dollywood,
we ate at the 

I had the 
Chicken and Dumplings-
with leftovers for lunch!

When we got home, 
the kiddos and I began an
Art/Science Project
Vincent Van Gogh's
"Starry, Starry Night."

(I should be posting more about it
next week...)


 we did some school
and then headed over to my mom's,
where the kiddos were greeted 
by a yard full of
Easter Eggs!

Our dear "Aunt" Marie
had left a surprise for the kiddos,
which they thoroughly enjoyed.

We are truly blessed...


we finished out Van Gogh project,
went to dance,
picked up a friend for a sleep over,
 and are now gearing up for tomorrow's
Neighborhood Yard Sale.

We are shopping,
not selling.

Can't wait to see what "treasures"
this next week holds for us...


You can see a photo play-by-play
by clicking HERE...


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