TOS Crew Review: Bright Ideas Press- Biology

 Though I have dealt with some curriculum from
I had never experienced any of their
science curriculum,
so I was rather interested when we received...
Stephanie L. Redmond
to review.


This curriculum was written by a
homeschooling mama who had
never really found the "right fit"
of a science curriculum for her kiddos.

Her family learns "overall" in a classical manner,
so this book ties into such a
learning style,
though I would say those of us
who are not teaching our children in a 
classical manner
can certainly use this curriculum also!


 is geared towards 3rd-6th grade students,
but can be easily adapted
to use with younger kiddos too.

Since I like to keep Science and History
"together" subjects for our family,
this kind of curriculum is a perfect fit!


This curriculum covers an entire year
of learning,
and could be used everyday or few times a week,
depending upon the way you like to organize your
homeschooling schedule.

(A list of all the topis covered
can be found by clicking HERE... )

 ...the curriculum easily lays out
how to use the book.


Here is an example of how a section would be taught:
1.  Reading the new material

You can choose to read aloud to your kiddos,
have them read the info by themselves,
read and summarize the info for younger kiddos.

After reading the info...
...the kiddos can fill out a 
Daily Reading Sheet,
which will help them focus on what they have
learned for the day.

The kiddos can then take part in a...
 ..."Checking It Out" activity.

In lesson one,
the kiddos participate in an activity
that illustrates the need 
intelligent design.

(It is really a very good activity...)

Moving forward in the lesson...
...the parent and kiddos will choose a
"Hands-On Time" activity.

For follow up, there is a...
..."Quick Quiz"
to review the learned information.


to add to the lessons...
 ...Memory Lists...
...and scripture verses
are encouraged to be worked on,
especially at the beginning of each
day's Science lesson.

Also... extensive list of books are included
in an Appendix
to choose from for each chapter.

I also appreciate all the beautifully
...coloring pages that are included.

These prove useful for younger kiddos
when I am reading the lesson to them...

if you STILL need more activities
to flesh out your lesson...
 ...Supplemental Activities are included
in the Appendix.


A year long project that is suggested
for your kiddos to work on
with this Biology book... the creation of an
Animal Kingdom ABC Book.

I REALLY like this idea!

The instructions even include a detailed list...
 ...of suggested animals for the book and...
...clip art to use for some of the suggested animals.


this curriculum is 
CHOCK FULL of quality information
and activities-
so a price of $34.95 seems very reasonable
to me.

there is an
(Download for $7.95)
which will keep you from having 
to make copies out of the book-
what a great time saver!

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I received this product free for my 
open and honest review.
I was not compensated in any other way.


  1. I should have known better than to read this post - now there's another book I want to buy :)

  2. This is such a great review! I love love love the use of photos here. Thanks so much for sharing it!


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