March 17th-23rd

 I have been in full
Spring-cleaning mode
this week...
this past Saturday,
I started looking around our humble abode and thought,

we are filthy creatures!"

since Jungle Girl
had her Standardized Testing 
on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday of this week anyways,
I took full advantage and started sprucing up the joint.

In other words,
we had a 
"Spring Cleaning Spring Break."

We DID finish a science experiment
involving volcanoes and the planet Venus,
and continued our 
"Expecting Easter" lessons
(as seen HERE and HERE and HERE),
 but other than that,
not much schooling occurred.

So what did I do?

Clean, clean, and clean some more!

Am I done yet?

Not really,
but the place sure is looking better...

I still have the kiddos' rooms,
the garage, the back  porch, and the
front porch to tackle...

Speaking of which,
does anyone know where I could rent
a Back-Ho for cheap?

It would should speed up the process
in the kiddos' rooms... ;0)


To see a photo play-by-play
of the above collage,
just click HERE.


I will be linking up this week's
"cleaning frenzy"
and the


  1. I'll send the back hoe over after I clean my girls' room! Having a week to clean sounds strangely wonderful. Enjoy your clean home.

  2. Feel free to come out and visit if you run out of things to clean around your house :)