Expecting Easter- Perfect Lamb, Perfect Sacrifice

As we continue our journey to the cross,
the kiddos and I spent a couple of days
discovering the significance of a perfect lamb...
 ...and how it relates to Easter.


One day we read
 the story of Abraham
and how God tested his faith
by asking Abraham to sacrifice
his only son Issac. 

The kiddos were really drawn into the story,
and oh-so-happy
when God provided a ram for the sacrifice
at the last second.

We discussed how God did send
his only son for us-
 and let his son be sacrificed
for our sin.


We then began making
wooden lambs
for this day's and the next's
Bible story..
 All we used for these little lambs were
 the following supplies:

Small wooden sheep cut outs
White paint
Sponge brushes
Small googly eyes
Black permanent markers

 We just painted...
 ...the cut outs on this day...
 ...and let them dry overnight.


The next day,
we read
which discussed the first Passover.

In order for the Israelite firstborn sons
to be passed over by the angel of death,
 perfect lambs and goats were slaughtered,
and their blood was painted on the doorposts.

we continued making our little lambs
in order to remember
how Jesus is OUR lamb-
he shed his perfect blood to save
US from death-

 Since the wooden sheep were dry...
 ...the kiddos used permanent markers
to decorate them...
...and glued on the googly eyes.


Now the kiddos all have their sheep...
...in a row on the windowsill.

But we all know how sheep may wonder...
 ...so we keep finding them...
 ...walking amongst...
...the Truffula trees. ;0)


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  1. It all does make better sense when you start with the Old Testement and work your way forward to Easter - very nice!

  2. I love their sheep. I think my kids might be decorating some in the coming days..........

  3. Fun craft! Thanks for sharing. Just hoppin' in from the Hop. www.theunlikelyhomeschool.com

  4. They are so cute! And, who would have thought you would see them among the Truffula trees :)

    I especially love how you used the plate to keep them separate - I never thought of that before - great idea!