Glove Love for Valentine's Day

Being a homeschooling family,
my kiddos don't get the usual
"handing out of Valentines"
to their classroom buddies
that I got growing up as a kiddo.

when they do get that opportunity,
I want it to be special for them.

My girls wanted to hand out 
Valentines to their
dance classmates,
and after a quick trip to Target...
 ...I was inspired
to create some
"handy" V-Day gifties
for the girls.
 The gloves were on clearance 
for $.30 a pair,
so I bought a few of the plain black ones.

I wanted to spice them up... I pulled out a couple of bags
of flowers I scored at the Dollar Tree...
 ...and added them to the gloves with a brass brad.
Super Sweet!

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