100th Day of School Our PJ's...

reached our...
...100th day of school
on Friday,
so we had a casual celebration...

(Yes, it was Pajama Day
in our house.
Some of us have the sniffles,
and staying in on a
cold, wintery day seemed like
the right thing to do...)


We began the day with...
...a simple breakfast,
which involved counting to 100 by 20's.
(You can read more about the
breakfast by clicking HERE.)


...we completed our Calendar Time,
which is always fun on this day,
since we get to add 100 to our
Calendar pages.

One activity we do during our Calendar Time... the daily writing of the school days
on a roll of
register tape.
The kiddos enjoyed rolling out the tape to see
how long
100 days in school
looks like...


In the afternoon...
...the kiddos had a simple
"Cheese and Chips"
...while I read the 100th Psalm aloud.

I also read...
...a couple of other books to the younger kiddos
while Jungle Girl
conducted her novel reading.


I think the most fun we had
during the day involved...
..."Robot Races" down
the registrar tape number line.

(I purchased these little wind-up toys
at Wal-Mart
in the novelty section of the Toy aisle
for about $1.50 a piece.)

The kiddos wound up their toys...
...lined them up at the number one...
zU2hpM on Make A Gif, Animated Gifs
...and let 'em go!

They kept winding them up and letting them go
until they reached the number 100...

I think their fingers were a little tired by the end of the race...
(Hee! Hee!)


Before I close,
please take a close look at...
 ...these pictures of my kiddos.

Notice what they are trying to make?
 If you said the number 100
with their finger and eyes,
you would be correct!

Aren't they creative?
(And a little kooky?)  ;0)


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  1. Ooh, what a great celebration. A register tape writing and now a race are great ideas. And I love photos of your kids making 100 - so cute!