February 4th-10th

Legos, Drawing, Star-gazing,
and 100th Day Celebrating...
...were all wrapped into our schedule this past week.

On Saturday,
we headed over to Toys 'R Us
 for their
"Lego Friends Lemonade Stand Launch Party."
(Now, I know that some people have "issues"
with Lego's move to create 
"girlie" Legos.

Our family is quite the opposite-
we are SO EXCITED about them,
and plan on whole-heartedly
supporting the Lego company by 
spending our weekly allowances on the sets...)  ;0)

At the event,
each kiddos who came
(girls AND boys, people!)
received a little
Lemonade Stand Kit.

For each kit that was given away,
Toys 'R Us or Lego 
(I can't remember which company)
donated a dollar to
for childhood cancer research.

Pretty nifty, huh?


Besides Legos,
the kiddos have been a drawing and crafting kick lately...
(*must remember to scrounge up some more
scrap paper*)

we L-O-V-E how you make drawing
accessible for kiddos!

And Jungle Girl,
your duct tape wizardry skills
will never cease to amaze me...


On the schooling front,
we are starting an Astronomy Unit,
after being inspired by 
THIS Almanack...
We did some star-gazing
(we love you, Orion!)
and Moon Phasing...

We had a 
math-tastic celebration
since it was the
100th Day of School
for us-


We are also loving on each other
and our friends
as we prepare for Valentine's Day.

Is it REALLY just 4 days away?!?!

I need to keep our crafty mood going
so we can finish all the 
Valentine's Day treats we have for the
special people in our lives...


To check out a photo 
play-by-play of this past week,
just click HERE...


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  1. Thank you for the Ed Emberly link! I have a drawing book of his from when I was a kid and the kids love it - that, and the new thumbprint drawing book!

    As always, thank you for linking up. I love reading about your weeks!

  2. Love the Oreo moon phases!! What a fun idea. I'll have to remember that for when we study astronomy.

  3. I didn't know Legos are coming out with girlier versions, but I don't think my daughter would care one way or another! She has always loved building with them and right now she's in a Lego simple machines class and LOVING it!

  4. Great collage! I think my daughter would like the new "girly" legos too. Her brothers love all the "regular" legos, but she is often asking me, "don't they make any legos about things that girls like?" I think she would really like a set related to horses.

  5. Alex's Lemonade is a favorite charity for our family! Thanks for supporting them. Looks like an awesome week all around.