100th Day Breakfast

 To begin our simple
"100th Day of School Celebration"...
...we had a sweet breakfast treat.

 I set out the 
"Berry Crunch" cereal
and asked the kiddos to count how many
different kinds of pieces there
are in the cereal.
After dividing the cereal pieces
into their muffin tins,
Jungle Girl surmised that the kiddos would need
20 of each piece in order to
have 100 pieces of cereal.
So the kiddos counted out 20
of each kind...
...until their muffin tins were full.

After dumping the cereal pieces into a bowl...
 ...and adding 100 milliliters of milk...
...the kiddos had a berry-tastic breakfast treat!
 Well, Baby Girl and Little Wild Man did...
...but Jungle Girl did not.

Her delicate 
taste buds
did not like the fruity pieces of the cereal.

She preferred the plain pieces...



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