Gratitude Challenge 2011 Day 13 and Day 18: Grandparents and a Good Meal

Day 13

My kiddos have the BEST grandparents
in the WORLD...

they deserve a medal for all that they do
to love on all three of 'em...

Here's just ONE example of
what they do for my kiddos...

After 4-5 hours in the car,
(this was on our return trip from the
any kiddo gets a little stir crazy.

So what's a better way
to get out some energy than by playing
a rather rowdy game of...
(Can you tell the game was a HIGH
on the silly-meter by the look
of Little Wild Man's face in the background?)

...Nana and Baby Girl weren't winning much
in the beginning,
but it didn't really matter,
as long as...
...a bit of "wrestling" was allowed
during the games!

See what I mean?

WHO ELSE plays better with 
stir-crazy kiddos than their Grandparents-

Nana, Papa, Marmee, and Grandalf...


Day 18

On our return trip home from the Michigan Wedding,
we decided to treat ourselves...
 ...on our way through Louisville, KY
with a nice "lupper" at...
...Joe's Crab Shack.

Oh, my mouth is watering just talking about their...
...crab dinners!

And with such a...
...kooky atmosphere to dine in,
who wouldn't have a good time?

I was also greatly entertained by the Servers'
Dance Breaks.

It gave Little Wild Man a chance to...
that he learned at the wedding.

Oh yes...
...I am thankful for a good meal...


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