Gratitude Challenge 2011 Day 10 and 15: Traveling Mercies and Friends Who are Like Family

Today I begin my "catch-up" posts
for the Gratitude Challenge 2011
by thanking God for his 
traveling mercies...

Last Wednesday, around 8:00pm,
our family packed up...
...our trusty Honda Odyssey and headed to
Indianapolis, IN.

We arrived around 2:00am,
ready to spend the night at Nana and Papa's house.

This was about the halfway point
to our wedding destination...

I'm glad we had...
...Minnie to guide our way into Michigan.


...having some of the comforts of home
helped keep the kiddos entertained...

 Favorite movies, comfy pillows...
...and toys can make any long trip seem shorter!


The weather on the first day of travel...
...and into the beginning of the next was good for travel,
but look...
 ...how quickly...
...it all...
...can change!

The snow really didn't cause any major problems,
other than riling up the kiddos a bit.

(We do not see snow but once or twice a year
in Tennessee,
so snow in November is a BIG DEAL!)

I am SO GRATEFUL for the Lord's
traveling mercies!


I also want to express my gratitude for...
...our WONDERFUL traveling companions.

(This is a pic of of friends at the wedding-
sadly, the Daddy couldn't make the trip
due to his job.)

We met up with them in Anderson, Indiana
on the second day of our travels,
and had to switch around the kiddos
for more traveling fun...
Us Mommies rode in a car with the boys,
and my SWEET, PATIENT husband took the other
car, which contained four giggly girls...


These friends are like family to us,
so having them at the wedding with us made
EVERYTHING more enjoyable,
Eating on the Road
Eating at the Rehearsal Dinner
Eating at the Reseption

(Um, yeah, we eat a lot...)
(amidst the occasional nap)
 Break Dancing...
...and doing the Cha-Cha Slide at the Reception
 Trying to Catch the Bouquet
Serenading the Bride

we are all so grateful for...

...our family friends!

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