Gratitude Challenge 2011 Day 19: Solitude Shopping

Day 19

Oh, how I TREASURE time "by myself."

I am a Homeschooling Mama
who LOVES her kiddos,
but given an opportunity to go shopping
WITHOUT the kiddos-
I must say it is nice...


This afternoon,
I got to enjoy some "solitude" shopping.

Sure, I was out these with a few hundred
other people,
but not one of them required me to:

1. Escort them to the bathroom
2. Stop them from hitting each other
3. Answer the question,
"Are we almost done yet?"
4. Ignore their pleas for a new toy


I need to give a big old "Thank You" to...
...The Dollar Tree...
...and Target.

Y'all made my afternoon of solitude shopping
a pleasure...


For more wishes of thanksgiving,
head on over to the


  1. Yay! Dollar Tree..I finally have one down the street from me so I understand the gratefulness :)
    Following you from the TOS Crew (I'm a bit behind getting to everyone lol)