Monthly Wrap-Up: September

Well, it's official-
we have been in "school" for the 2011-2012 year
for one month
(and a few days).

In an effort to keep a chronicle of all our
Homeschool happenings,
I am going to be posting a 
Monthly Wrap-Up,
so here comes September...


We have all really been enjoying our new...
...Workbox System.

It has kept the kiddos-
and ME-
much more focused on a daily basis.

(Thank you,
for "guiding me" through this process.)


Calendar Time is also going pretty well.
We average 3 days a week doing it,
and that is just fine be me...


Baby Girl has been working on learning
contact info...
 ...with the use of a SLEW of catalog order cards
we got in the mail a few moths ago.

 Every time she works on copying down 
her address and phone number
she will ask me,
"So what am I ordering today?"
Looks like
a Premier Care bath tub, Baby Girl... ;0)


I also feel like we are really plugging along well...
...with her reading.

We are "repeating" 1st grade so Baby Girl
will have a solid foundation-
and she is doing a GREAT job!

Math has also lent itself
to some reading practice...
...with THESE number word cards.


Jungle Girl has dove into...
...a Mr. Popper's Penguins
novel study in which she made...
...and penguin in an ice box!


For my Preschool/Kindergarten kiddos,
we have had a couple of themes for the end of August
to the end of September...

Theme 1:

The Explorer Box for this month included...
...all kinds...
 ...of crazy campin' stuff!


The playdough "flavor of the month" was...
a MUCH BETTER smelling version of
camp "dirt."
It's so squishy!


Smiley B. had fun...
 ...helping Little Wild Man...
...make woodland animal patterns.


Little Wild Man worked through
Homeschool Creations 
which included...
...this firefly counting activity.

We jazzed it up a bit by including...
...Glow-in-the-Dark Number Magnets.

(You can read more about it by clicking HERE.)


A good old game of...
...Magnetic Fishing was called for during this unit.


We read several...
 ...children's books,
which inspired...
...some fun art projects... THIS handprint campfire.


Oh, and let's not forget
all the fun food we had...
Ooey-Gooey Smores
Cracker Owlies
Edible Fishing Fun


Theme 2:
Down on the Farm

During the month of September,
we took a field trip to our local county fair
to learn all about the farm...

It was just "moo"-velous!


Inspired by the 
"Down on the Farm" Field Trip,
we continued the farm fun at home...
 Just look at this...*ahem*...
"creative" spelling by... Little Wild Man.


In order to inspire Jungle Girl's 
Farm-tale writing...
 ...I gave her a Dollar Tree Farm Animal Origami Kit.
She wrote a rather sweet tale
of bunny friendship...

(What's up, Doc?)



What a month!
 After I get all these papers filed away,
I am off to get our October fun started...


Make sure to see what other Homeschoolers
have been up to over at the
Weekly Wrap-Up...


  1. LOVED it!

    I don't know how in the world you find time to take so many pictures...but I love that you do!

    I'm also stealing your catalog order forms idea for name/address practice. What a GREAT idea!


  2. I'm also stealing your catalog order forms idea for name/address practice. What a GREAT idea!

    yes. yes, yes! Would have never thought of that!