Bible Alive! Tuesday...on a Thursday...

OK- I am really not a "slacker,"
but I think my 
Bible Alive Tuesday linkie
needs to undergo some changes...

As the three of you who seem to
regularly participate may have noticed,
this is not the most popular linkie in the world,
which is really fine with me.

BUT, it does take some time for me
to put a post together...

(Remember to take pictures of the activity,
edit the pics,
upload the pics,
write the post, etc., etc., etc.)

...and since this isn't a linkie others are
"clamoring" for,
I think I am going to be putting it up
once a month.

Bible Alive Tuesday! will be up again on
the LAST Tuesday of each month,
which means it won't be up again until
Tuesday, October 25th.

Please keep making the Bible come Alive!
for your kiddos over the next few weeks,
and let us all know about it 
at the end of October... :0)


  1. Awwwww, but I totally understand the move. I love your posts about it, so I hope you can write them more often than once a month.

  2. I'm marking Oct 25th on my calendar!

    Almost Unschoolers