Math Monday: Firefly Numbers

One of the fun math activities
Little Wild Man
enjoyed during our Camping themed activites
was inspired by

In the pack was a firefly counting page,
complete with cute little firefly counters.

Instead of using the paper numbers
included in the pack,
I "spiced up" the "WOW" factor by
pulling out...
...Glow-in-the-Dark Magnet Numbers.

 I hid all the numbers
in our downstairs bathroom.

Little Wild Man would then...
...go into the bathroom 
and look for a number that I 
would call out to him.
He would bring the number out to me...
...and match it up with the number of fireflies
on the card.

Later, the fun progressed... him staying in the bathroom
and sliding numbers out to me.
Who knew Glow-in-the-Dark numbers
could be so



  1. That's for sure, they're a blast!

  2. I love how this turned out so fun....very interactive learning! The very best kind!