Birthday Cake- the EASY way...

OK, Baby Girl turned 6 on July 14th,
while we were at church camp.

We have NOT had her "family" birthday party yet.

I am such a good mother...


We decided to get together with everyone tonight
and have cake and ice cream to celebrate
Baby Girl's special day.

I planned on making her a cake, I really did,
but events from this past weekend have just
EMOTIONALLY drained me.

Therefore, I copped out.

I let her choose a cake from Sam's Club.
BUT, we could NOT just leave it like this.
We started decorating the cake with one simple pet shop animal...
And then added another...

And another...

And another...
We had a virtual zoo on the cake!
Baby Girl was proud of her creation,
and couldn't wait to dig in later...

We are SUCH party animals!


  1. That is actually really really adorable! I love your daughters face by it. Could she be any happier?

  2. Very cute! But, I hope you were careful when you cut the pieces :)