A Prayer for Cheryl

Oh, my dear bloggy friends,
I am sad today.

Our minister's daughter was one of the relief aid workers
recently murdered in Afghanistan.

I am asking you to please pray for the Beckett family.

Here is the statement they released to the press:

"Cheryl loved and respected the Afghan people. She denied herself many freedoms in order to abide by Afghan law and custom. Her international co-workers and the Afghan Nationals with whom she served loved her. She was honored to be included in this most recent three-week medical journey to the remote populations of Northern Afghanistan.

The wickedness of terrorism is being conquered through daily acts of mercy. Peace in Afghanistan can be achieved by the establishment of just laws for all people and the continued sacrifice and selfless love of people working together. Those who committed this act of terror should feel the utter shame and disgust that humanity feels for them. We share this pain with those who continue the difficult and dangerous work to which Cheryl committed her life. We, as a family, will continue to love and pray for the Afghan people.We pray that Cheryl's life and work will inspire existing and future ministries of mercy to press on."

I cannot imagine the grief of losing a child,
especially in such a manner.


  1. So sorry, Amber. It's been a hard day, what with a BHEA member losing her daughter today, too.

  2. I'm sure there is some comfort in the fact she died in service to Him. There could be worse losses of a child. We were already praying for the families involved, but thankyou for sharing the Beckett's personal story - they certainly have our shared grief, as parents, and as fellow believers.

  3. I am so sorry to hear about that. We heard the story at church yesterday. My husband and I have heavy hearts for the lost around the world and are very involved in worldwide missions to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ. When something happens to a missionary, it very much happens to us as well. Praying for your dear friends. Oh, but what a wonderful place in Heaven that young woman has!

  4. I'm so sorry, and can't imagine the grief your minister and his family are going through, or the grief your church is going through right now. I'll be praying for all of you.

  5. Your pastor's statement made me think of Matthew 10. "So don't be afraid of your enemies(26)....Do not be afraid of those who kill the body but can't kill the soul. Instead, be afraid of the One who can destroy both soul and body in hell(28)...Do not think that I came to bring peace to the earth. I did not come to bring peace. I came to bring a sword.(34)" I envy the fervor of people who, at the end of all time, will have it said that they "fought the good fight"--2 Timothy 4:7--rather than "played a good game" or even "lived a good life."

  6. Thank you Piecelove- I need fact, thank you ALL for your encouragement and prayers...