How to Celebrate a Birthday at Camp

This past week,
while the girls and I were at church camp...
...Baby Girl had to go and turn 6 years old on me!

Her birthday was on July 14th,
the same birthday as one of the 5th grade male campers.

So, WHAT is a Mom to do on such an important day,
while in the boonies,
miles away from the nearest bakery
(AND cell phone tower)?

Plan some birthday surprises, of course!


First, Baby Girl walked into the dorm
after morning worship to discover...
...her bed ready for a day of birthday fun!

The birthday boy also received...
...a birthday bunk greeting from his mother.

When Baby Girl finally saw her bed...
...she was very surprised...


At lunch time, I provided the birthday kiddos...
...with a Swiss Roll "Cake."
I believe everyone enjoyed the cake......from the young... the young at heart.


Throughout the day, I surprised Baby Girl
with little gifts...

This Princess Tic-Tac-Toe game
(from The Dollar Tree)
ended up providing hours of entertainment
for all the girls in our cabin.


This day of birthday fun ended with Cookie Cakes
provided by the boy camper's mother...

A sweet ending for a sweet girl!

Happy Birthday, Baby Girl!


  1. I'm sure those will make for excellent memories - how special!

  2. You're just a cool mom. I'll never be as cool as you.

  3. WHATEVER Ellen! YOU can sew, garden, pop out 20 babies with no effort...I think you have me BEAT in the "cool" department!

  4. Aw, what a great birthday! I'm sure it's one she'll always remember ;)

  5. What a fun way to celebrate! She'll remember that for sure! Thanks for linking it up on the Big Summer Fun link-up!