Weekly Wrap-Up: Barking, Birthdays, and Balloons

We had SO MUCH to
CELEBRATE this week...
The was Birthday Week...
...for our Jungle Girl!

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Lots of fun surprises popped up
all over the place this week,
...crazy cards...
...great gifts...
...wonderful waffles for breakfast...
...super Sunday School treats...
...a zany zebra cake...

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...and bodacious balloons!
One day the kiddos even
came up with their own science experiment,
using the birthday balloons...

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We also needed to celebrate Little Wild Man's
performance in his spring program...

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School lessons began with a
"Ruff!" and a "Meow!"
when we went on a field trip to...
...a local Vet School.

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The meowing didn't stop there,
because later on that day,
Jungle Girl and I went to see...
"Curiosity Cat,"
a local children's theater play.
We went to support one of her buddies,
pictured as
"Yo-Yo Meow the Cat" here.

Other schooling "stuff" this week...

Jungle Girl FINISHED her subtraction with borrowing
unit this week,
and did rather well on her test,
even thought it has NOT been her favorite section in math...

She also finished another book similar to
the "Felicity" series she studied earlier this year.

I think we will be heading on over to the
"Magic Tree House" books next...

Baby Girl and Little Wild Man worked
with the letter "U"
this week.
We read lots of "U" books,
which used "U" words like:

Ugly Duckling

(See our Letter "U" Art by clicking HERE and HERE)

They worked on writing "U" and reading "U" words
with the help of KidsSoup activities...

I also used the version of
"The Ugly Duckling" from......Hickory Dickory Math:
Teaching Math With Nursery Rhymes and Fairy Tales
by Cecilia Dinio-Durkin

to work on the math concepts.

After listening to the story,
Baby Girl sorted ducklings and swans
and later used them for addition problems.

During our Social Studies this week,
the kiddos and I had a bit of a review
on Fire Safety.
I read some books about firefighters to the kiddos...
...and gave each one of them a
homemade firefighter

(Oh, another "U" word!)

Then, using TOS's
When I Grow Up,
I Wanna Be a Firefighter...
...we reviewed certain fire safety elements
we had learned earlier in the year
on our Fire Safety Field Trip...
...and practiced working together as a team
putting out chalk fires!

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just like that-
our week was OVER!

To see how other homeschooling families
are spending their busy
head on over to the Weekly Wrap-Up...

(Quick- before this week disappears!)


  1. Can I just say how happy I am to see Fireman Small on your list? That was one of our favorite books. I even ordered a cheapo copy and cut it up and made pictures for Duncan's room by decoupaging pages and framing them. We also loved Lois Lenski's books about Mr. Small. ;-)

  2. what a super fun week! And happy birthday to Jungle girl!

  3. What a FUN week! I always smile when I read your posts. LOVE the zebra cake!