In Love with Letters- Uu

Letter Art for Big "U"
"U" is for Umbrella
(Idea from Curious George Learns the Alphabet
by H. A. Rey

Letter Art for Little "u"
"u" is for unicycle
(Idea from My "U" Sound Box
by Jane Belk Moncure


  1. Oh, I love the unicycle! I got one of those for my brother for Christmas a few years ago... he is an expert juggler, so it fits him! ;-)

  2. That is such a cool gift! I used to work at a middle school in which one of the P.E. teachers taught the students how to ride unicycles- she even formed an after school unicycle group.

    (There are just so many times I wished I had been able to write down on a job application (professional unicyclist" as a skill...)