Reclaiming Christmas: Craft Project 5- Tea Tin Birdhouse

Oh yes, my friends,
the time has come again
to remind you that Christmas is
less then 8 months away...

So why not join Knit Wit (@Piecelove) and I
as we get ready early this year!

This week it was Knit's turn to post,
and she came up with a gift
that would impress any of the
tea-sipping bird watchers in your lives.

Check out her directions on how to make a...
...Tea Tin Bird House
by clicking HERE.

(And no birds were harmed
in the making of this home,
but a drill bit sacrificed itself
very bravely...)


  1. Cute! My mom would love this!

  2. Cute. We'll have to try that.

  3. So, how did you smooth out the edges, when you snipped it? Or is that on the link, I should go follow the link.

  4. Yes, Ticia- follow the link to her post...I'm pretty sure Knit tells ya how there...

  5. I LOVE these posts Amber!!!! I'm acquiring some good if I would just DO them, I'd have a good leg up on the Christmas rush! Ahhhhh!!!! haha!

    ~Ann Tolbert

  6. Amber, this is a darling craft idea. I love it!

    I'm on the TOS Crew with you this year, and welcome to the Crew! It will be a fantastic year. Hope to get to know you better this year.