Weekly Wrap-Up: Begin with Loss, End with Loss

Any week that begins with loss,
of any kind,
is bound to be interesting...
We hosted a small Super Bowl gathering on Sunday evening,
which ended with not only at loss for the Colts...
...but a loss of some blood for Little Wild Man!

He and I spent three hours in the ER...
(read more HERE)

Needless to say, I "canceled" school on Monday...

With the week beginning on such an interesting note,
I kinda figured that we would not get everything
I had planned accomplished-
which was correct...

BUT, we still got SOME schoolin' done!
We tied "The Rainbow Fish" to an Ecology lesson...
...which did not end well for our poor fishy friend Fred!
(read more HERE)

We also made it rain in a bucket
when we learned about the water cycle...
(read more HERE)
Jungle Girl continued her novel study
on Felicity...
Math was continued with our Math-U-See
with some sweet surprises...
(read more HERE)
Baby Girl and Little Wild Man also had fun with
this "Roll a Valentine" math activity,
courtesy of "Confessions of a Homeschooler"...
Little Wild Man also worked on his counting skills
with the use of this muffin tin math game
I got at KidsSoup...
(Look at him go!)
We practiced some fine motor skills
with the use of these Heart Lacing Cards...
Practicing color words was never more fun than with
this booklet...
...and don't forget the Valentines the kiddos
got to give to their friends!
(read more HERE)

As I mentioned in the title, our week also
ended with loss-

Baby Girl lost her 1st tooth!

I am glad to say she was eating an apple when it happened
and not a cupcake...

(We had cupcakes for Monday's breakfast after our ER fun night...)

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  1. So glad you found my blog so that I could find yours!
    I can't wait to see what else you have in store!

  2. Such fun ideas! I love the fish!

  3. What a great week! I love your muffin tin math activity - congrats on the 1st tooth loss! Isn't it sad how quick they grow up? As usual your ideas are awesome - so enjoy reading your blog! :)

  4. What a fun week it looks like at your house! I miss doing all those fun little kids things!!

  5. Wow that was an intersting week! Congrats on the first tooth! So exciting!

    We did that same rain experiment this week. I forgot to put up the picture though.

  6. Wow, two very different losses there. I'm glad the little man is feeling better and congrats to your daughter!

  7. Great week. You had so many wonderful activities! I'll hopefully get an email to you soon explaining how to turn on the email me thing.

  8. That the Colts lost stinks, but losing a first tooth is fun stuff! My ds actually swallowed the first two teeth he lost. Goofy kid. ;-)

    Looks like a fun week at your house. I love all the fun ways you tied in Valentine's Day.