Sweet Shop Math

One of the preschool/Kindergarten math activities we have done this week is
"Sweet Shop Math."

(I got this from "KidsSoup" which I found out about
from another homeschooling mother-
It has already more than paid for the membership fee,
and I would highly recommend it
to parents of Early Childhood and Primary aged children.)

First, I set up the "shop"...
Candy Hearts included...
The first math activity the kiddos had to do
was sort the hearts by color for the shop...

(We made blue and purple one category,
since we only had a few purple hearts.)
The next activity involved two positions:
A Shopper
A Shop Keeper

The Shopper would grab a shopping list
and tell the Shop Keeper how many items he needed...
The Shop Keeper would then fill the Shoppers basket
with the correct number of hearts...
(Oh, and there was many "sample tasting"
opportunities as well...)
Yummy Math!


  1. What a fun activity. I hear so many wonderful things about Kid Soup. I'm sure I'll break down soon and get a subscription.
    So, is it just me or do you remember conversation hearts being softer as a kid? I'm always disappointed when I open the box and they crunch.

  2. It's not just you Ticia! I totally agree- perhaps ours contained chemicals that aren't FDA approved anymore...

  3. I remember them as being softer. Now days I buy the sweet tart ones. They taste better and are a little softer.