Super Bowl Sunday Leaves a Scar

Yes, I know the Colts lost the Super Bowl...

No, I am not "scarred" by this loss...

(You will understand the title of this post the further down you read.)
It began like any other typical football gathering...

The men were in front of the flat screen watching the game
and the women were in the dining room crafting...

(What, you DON'T craft during a football game?)
There were many goodies to chow down on...
I was even able to slip some crafty fun in for the kiddos...

(They decorated these foam fingers I found
at the Dollar Tree with paint pens
and foam sticker shapes.)

Messy fun was being had by all...



After the kiddos were done crafting, they went upstairs to play.

Apparently, Baby Girl and Little Wild Man decided
to have a knock down drag out on our bed,
which resulted in a 3 hour visit to the ER.

In the tiff, Little Wild Man fell off the bed and whacked his head on the corner of our hope chest.

Normally, I would not freak out about something like this, but it really looked more like a puncture wound and not just a scratch, so we went to the ER and got a stitch.

Yup, that's right..

3 hours + 1 stitch = 1 Wonder Mom's Mind at Peace!
Here's Little Wild Man the next morning,
not too worse for the ware...

********Oh, and if you're squeamish, you may want to skip the next photo*******

Here's his stitched up wound...
So, as you can see,
Super Bowl Sunday has left a scar in our house!


  1. Oh, that is sadly funny. Sad that your son got hurt. But your spin on it is funny!

  2. I love that the girls all crafted during the footbal game. Perfect!

    Poor Little Wild Man and Poor Wonder Mum. You'll always remember this Super Bowl as the one where you spent 3 hours in the ER for one stitch.

  3. No, I don't craft during a football game. I read, instead.

  4. Have you named his singular stitch?

  5. hi! I have an award for you on my blog! :)Souunds like you might need it after a trip to the ER :)

  6. You're not really parenting until you've spent a long evening, or two, in the ER wondering if you're overreacting! :)

  7. I would have spent the evening crafting as well.
    Welcome to the fun of ER visits. I must say my kids are always trying their hardest to get those bracelets off as soon as they can. They never like hospital bracelets.