Science Sunday: With the Water Cycle Song, Who Needs to Do a Rain Dance?

Earlier in the week, we did an ecology observation type
experiment with Fred the Fish...

To learn more about how the water in our world works,
we did some activities about the Water Cycle...
First, I read the kiddos THIS book...

(Don't you wish you had Ms. Frizzle's fashion sense?)

Then we made it rain in a bucket...
We filled a clear bucket with hot water
and then put Saran Wrap over the top of the bucket...

(I secured the Saran Wrap with a rubber band)

The kiddos then put ice cubes
on top of the Saran Wrap...
We then waited a few minutes...
...and it began to drizzle in the bucket!

During our observations, we noted a couple of things:

1. You could see the hot water releasing bubbles to the surface
2. There was more water in the bucket at the end of our experiment
3. Ice is fun to munch on!

(Oh, and I am SO PROUD of Jungle Girl-
she is the one who noticed that there was more water in the bucket
later in the experiment..

She IS my little scientist!)

Finally, for some fun, we watched THIS video on U Tube about
the Water Cycle...

Check it out- You will be glad and see that "Uncle Dan" is OK...


  1. Very cool! I haven't seen this water cycle experiment before.
    Fun song, I'll show it to my kids when we do water again.

  2. I love, love, love that water cycle song! We have an Uncle Dan :)

    And yes, I do wish I had Miss Frizzle's wardrobe.

  3. Oh wow! Thank you for sharing this. This exact book is on our schedule for next week and we will do this experiment! I am going to blog about it, so please stop by! Thanks for such a great entry!