February 28th-March 6th

Highlights from this past week include the following:

*Super Dad and Little Wild Man
(with the assistance of You Tube and a neighbor)
fixed our broken van window

I am SO proud of them!!!

(Because let me tell ya-
we are not handy men by nature in this household...)

*Celebrated Seuss on a Sunday
with a fun but simple breakfast

*Began a new theme for the month of March
in Children's Church

We will be learning all about FORGIVENESS
with the help of the

*It looks like we will be hiring a new worship leader
for our "Contemporary" service

I am EXCITED to see what God has in store for our church
during these next couple of years.

Change can be good,
and I think Woodlawn is heading down
the road less traveled right now...

*Jungle Girl has a "boyfriend" now-
whatever that really means as a 6th grader

On the "dating" subject:

I had a little "boyfriend" in the 6th grade,
and it was SO innocent and sweet.

That's how I am viewing this little
"relationship" too.

They always have to have a friend or a sibling
hanging out with them,
which I think they prefer.

I really have not seen ANY difference in their
current relationship and the one they had before-
other than the fact that they give each other little gifts.

Do I PREFER this "dating" business stay away
from our house for a while?


But I just hope and pray that God will guide
Super Dad and I down this path
with wisdom and openness to our kiddos
as they grow into these kinds of relationships.

We have told our kiddos time and time again
that they can come and talk to us about
and I hope they will.

I am finding I have to DRAG info out of them at times,
but they are still talking to us.

Man, oh man...

*Little Miss Sunshine "officially" became a
big sister this week
we can't wait to meet her!

*I did not have too many littles to watch this week,
so we were able to FINALLY
put together our
and get caught up on our history lessons

*Studied the Digestive System
this week
with a pretty yucky looking

*Began the Letter P with the littles,
and will continue working on it next week

*Met a new sweet baby we will begin watching
next week-
be on the look out for her introduction
and super her name!

*Went and saw a local middle school production
of "Into the Woods"
to support our middle schoolers from church
who were in the production

*Held a camp meeting luncheon at church
to hear about a new discount program
that Camp ACC
is promoting

(I am SO EXCITED to be going BACK to camp
as a counselor this Summer!)

*Put up a new springy bulletin board
for our Parents Day Out program

(I should be posting about it soon...)


To read a photo play by play
of the above collage,
just click HERE...


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