Sochi Medal Count Folder (Practicing Tally Mark Math)

During the Sochi Winter Olympics,
I plan on having the kiddos keep tabs
on the medal count by using...
...this handy-dandy medal count folder.

It will be a great way for them to practice
tally marks,
which my younger two need review on.
(Folder cover can be found HERE or HERE)

To put the folder together,
download all of the pages by going either
...stack 'em up in whatever continent order you prefer...
...and staple them to the top of a simple folder.
I also added Washi tape tabs
to separate the continents for easier use.

Of course,
you can use these printables however you choose-
it doesn't have to be in a folder.

It could be in a notebook.

Or on a wall chart.

Whatever floats your boat
and is easiest for you and your kiddos.

...start checking the medal count stats
over HERE,
and make some tally marks!
America doesn't have the highest
gold medal count,
but don't forget...
...we got the FIRST gold medal
of these games!
Photo Source HERE

Way to go,
Sage Kotsenburg!

You did you country-
AND the homeschooling community-

(Read all about his fantastic finish
by going HERE...)


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  1. What a cool way to teach your kids about the Olympics (and there's probably a geography lesson hidden somewhere in there as well!). We created these fun olympic cheering flags to root on our favorite athletes.