Olympic Shrinky Dink Swag

This past week,
the kiddos and I
(and some friends)
have begun getting ourselves in the

I hope to share several of these activities
over the next week,
so you too can get in an


After using the Russia PowerPoint
found HERE,
I read the kiddos
Corinne Demas Bliss.

We discussed how Sochi is located in Russia,
and how their culture will be a big influence

I then discussed the trading pins
(aka "swag")
that people acquire at events of this nature.
My challenge for the kiddos was to
create their own swag
based upon images that will be used
during this Olympics.
I would have created a 
Matryoshka Doll
with an Olympic emblem on it...
...but the kiddos were drawn to the other images
I had found on  line and printed off
for them to look at.

(You can find several of these images,
such as the Sochi mascots and the pictograms
The kiddos used colored pencils to trace
them onto Shinky Dink plastic sheets.
Then decorate their images using the colored pencils
and black permanent marker.
(Some of the kiddos created their own original images...)
 We baked the sheet saccording to the package directions.
When they cooled down,
we used E6000 to glue pin backs on the images.

After they dried a bit...
...they kiddos now have their own
swag to wear...
...while watching the Olympics!


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  1. We are studying the Olympics this week, too!

  2. I knew you'd have some good olympic activities!

  3. I think I'm the only homeschooler NOT studying the Olympics. But..... I do love your pins.

    Oh, and I had to laugh at your statement of just realizing that we'd switched on Phyllis' blog.

  4. That's such a great idea Amber. The Olympics are one rare time that I wish we had "regular" TV and not just Netflix. I miss watching the games!

  5. What a fun unit! I love the idea of coloring the symbols on Shinky Dink plastic sheets.