Olympic Group Games

When we met with our Lemonhead Homeschooling Group
this past Friday,
we took part in our own mini Olympics.

Here are the games we played...


Pom Pom Curling
I was inspired by our children's church curriculum
for this game.
Using a kiddie broom,
the kiddos tried to sweep a pom pom
into the center of the painter's tape floor board.


Paper Tube Bobsled Races
 I found this idea over at
 What I liked was that the kiddos
decided to each choose a different country
to be...
(But in the end,
the USA sled took the gold!)


Snowball Ring Toss
 This idea was also from
Perhaps the biggest challenge for this game
was keeping the kiddos from
all of the snowballs before the game was over!



Olympic Bingo
You can find this Olympic Bingo game at


And what Olympic games would be complete...
...without some gold medals
(aka Milky Way Caramel bars and chocolate gold coins)
awarded at the end?

A sweet time was had
by one and all...



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  1. This would be where having tile is not helpful because the pom poms would get all caught up on the grout..... Poor me ;)

  2. I LOVE the pom pom curling! Please share this on my blog at the After School Linky party (every Monday)!

  3. Can I come to your homeschool? Looks like so much fun.

  4. We're expecting crazy weather here soon... I am going to use your ideas to help us get through the storm. Looks like fun - thanks!