Olympic Snacks

As we have been watching and learning
all about the Sochi Winter Olympic,
food has become an
excellent resource to add
to our fun!

Here are some of the snacks/meals
we have enjoyed in honor of the Olympics:

Ring-a-Ding-Ding Drinks
I saw this idea over on
We placed Gummy Lifesavers at the bottom
of clear cups
(to symbolize the Olympic Rings)
and poured Sprite
on top of them.

To eat with the drinks we had...

USA! USA! USA! Chips and Salsa
All that is needed for this snack is some
yellow or white tortilla chips,
blue tortilla chips,
and serve it with a side of salsa.
These snacks were espscially popular with my crew,
ESPECIALLY the Gummy Lifesavers-
they went CRAZY over them!


Olympic Pizza
Gotta have a themed pizza night for the Olympics!

I made a pepperoni and mushroom pizza
for Super Dad and I...
...and cheese pizza for the kiddos.


Olympic Torch Snacks
I fixed these one afternoon for the kiddos
and their friends.

SO super easy and fun!
I found this idea via Pinterest at


Olympic Lunch Trays
For lunch one afternoon
I served a lunch fit for an Olympian.

The meal included:
Winter Themed Chicken Nuggets
Olympic Apple Rings and Carrots with Ski Poles
Gold Medals for dessert
(made from Golden Oreos and Fruit by the Foot)
I found the idea for the medals via Pinterest at
(Ah- the calm before the storm...)

The kiddos ended up playing with their food a bit
while they ate,
which I didn't mind,
since it was all in the spirit of the Olympics.
They made skiers...
...and Ice Dancers...
...and even a snowman running the Skeleton!


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